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Get the Most Out of Your Business with these 600 Templates by Template Shock


For everyone who works for an employee, as a freelancer or in a company, there are certain design elements that cannot be ignored. These elements enclose every aspect of their professional lives, as the logos they create to give life to brands, the business cards and flyers to promote their abilities, the invoices and quotations to keep a record of their sales and other components that make a business thrive.

UX Design: guiding before selling


In this article we will make a review about the crucial aspects of UX to have in mind before start working in your product and produce excellent results.

Understanding the Semantic web: Pros and Cons


The semantic web is usually related to the web 3.0, and it is a mixture of linked information so it can be easily processed by machines to deliver better results to users. It’s main idea is to add semantic metadata to every piece of information. These additional pieces of data not only describe content itself, but they also provide a meaning to it and create a relationship between diverse pieces of information, with the purpose of improving the quality of Internet.

The benefits of designing attractive newsletters


There’s no doubt newsletters are one of the most important channels to keep an informed audience and engaged users. Back in the days when there were no social networks, email was the biggest way to deliver information, and nowadays, even though people spend most of their time in social networks, email still remains as a source of personal contact that seems to be not going away. We know this because of the personal and private connection people still keep with their inboxes, and when users gives you access to their email address, you know you have the biggest asset you can get: their trust.

App design, the benefits of a beautiful mobile app


Our world is already connected in ways we didn’t even imagine a few years ago, and it’s going to be connected even more with the help the expansion of several technologies like the Internet itself (mainly in parts of the developing world), mobile adoption around the world and the implementation of cloud-based services, making our lives easier. We are starting to see more and more options regarding app design; some of them really good, some very awful, but still, something you need to pay attention to.

Win 1 of 3 Free PixelKit Membership Accounts!


It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here. We’ve got the solution for those who’ve been after a quality UI kit for website and app design needs: it’s PixelKit, a powerful library offers amazingly high quality UI kits and many other resources for discerning designers.

Google Glass: Design that Would Change the World


There’s no doubt that one of the most awaited products of the decade has been Google Glass. There’s also no doubt Google Glass will change the way we see the world. The step Google is about to do is just enough to engage humanity with augmented reality, which is the ability of a system to adding or subtracting information in order to manipulate the perception of reality. The possibility for applications of this technology are huge, and they range from motion systems helping drivers move safely across the city, to information systems for solving all kinds of issues in a wide range of scenarios. The most important of its kind so far, taking into account that it’s not the first attempt to create an augmented reality device, is Google Glass. For what it represents, its design, the way the device works and most of all, its promising future, it has become part of the popular culture, and it isn’t even out yet.

Design differences between mobile platforms


Nowadays, there are countless mobile devices for all kinds of users, and that wide range of appliances is making more companies get interested in a piece of the cake. The most popular of the operating systems created for them are iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Both have great features, and that’s why they have become so popular, but of course, the influence of every company behind their own creation plays a fundamental role in their development, deployment and success, no wonder these companies are Apple, Google and Microsoft respectively.

The ultimate layout: the basis of a fascinating website


Creating a website may be one of the things we have to do eventually; whether we create a small blog or a massive network of media websites, at some point comes the big question: is the daily effort I put in this really worthwhile? You might be experiencing low (or not at all) traffic, and maybe, just maybe, that’s because of your website’s design. This article is going to address the main features and characteristics that make a website special and frequently visited, as well as showing other aspects that affect usability.

iOS Design Changes, the Good, the Bad, the Awful


Some time ago, Apple released its newest OS for mobile, the well known and omnipresent iOS 7. It’s changed from a stylized and pixel perfect designed skeuomorphic user interface to a flat one with nice effects that let us see what the company wants to establish in terms of design. iOS 7, without any doubts, has taken over the world; no wonder it already has been installed in 250 million devices across the planet, more or less, 70 percent of its market share.

Typography Trends 2014


Good typography makes a website stand out or can outshine it. It plays the role of portraying and bring to life your ideas to make them appealing for the reader; it also manages to organize the content to be browsable, so in that way, typography involves the correct use of a layout, convenient measurement, nice typefaces (digitally called fonts), sizes, leading, visual hierarchy and color for the information to be well disposed.

5 simple ways for creating a compelling website in one day


The concept is simple: we all have had the need to create a website as fast as possible. Whether it is for a client or for our own projects, building quickly breathtaking websites is a must, so that’s why today we’ll show you five ways to create a great website faster focusing in 5 key aspects, and give you the tools for you to start right now.

Namecheap – Webdesignshock Giveaway Winners!


Hi friends! today we have great news for you all. From a list of 46 selectable users who followed @webdesignshock and tweeted/retweeted our latest Giveaway, we selected as promised, ten lucky winners who will receive each one a full year gTLD domain name thanks to our friends at Namecheap.

Windows 8.1: design improvements for full device integration

Windows 8.1 design improvements

Some weeks ago, when I was writing about the way Microsoft might lead a revolution with Windows 8, I ran into an article about the next update of the popular OS, codenamed “Windows Blue”. After that, I found that Microsoft is actually just weeks from releasing this update, which tries to adress all the criticism generated with Windows 8. So I downloaded the beta test available at Microsoft’s website and install it. I have to say, from the designer’s point of view, that it was an interesting experience; some of the graphic features, and many other key aspects were improved. In this article we’ll analyze the changes Microsoft is implementing in the newest update of the OS, what it’s new, and what’s not so good about these changes.

Giveaway: Win 10 Domain names with WebDesignShock and Namecheap!


You know we always surprise you with useful resources to improve the quality of your creative work; that’s why every week we give you the best freebies we can find, but we know you might also need a professional name for your website, and since having a proper domain name is a fundamental part of your business growth, this time, we have some of them available for you, free of charge for a full year.

Windows 8, design changes that might lead a revolution

windows 8 design changes that might lead a revolution

Mobile devices, specifically smart devices, are here to stay; there’s no doubt about it. But nowadays, gradual changes seem to represent more of a burden that an obligation because of the immediacy of technological advances. Companies try to perform these changes faster and error-free day by day since they need to come up with something new before rival companies do, entering a vicious circle. During this process, companies are exposed to releasing unfinished or faulty products and, depending on the circumstances –and even luck– these situations may be part of history as mere anecdotes or as authentic failures that may lead a company to bankruptcy.

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