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Device widths for responsive design

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So, you are planning a responsive design, this diagram may come in handy, it shows (almost) all widths needed for different (almost all) devices and platforms. Very very useful.

Guys behind this nice diagram presented a interesting article showing different approachs and layouts to work with responsive design projects, so pls take a look to this very interesting research.

Responsive design planning

5 Responses to “Device widths for responsive design”

  1. Many thanks for this, the diagram will definitely be very useful.

  2. Thanks for this very useful and informative diagram. I have yet to try my hand at responsive web design, but this should really help me with my current mobile website development. It’s really handy to have a convenient and easy to follow list of all the different screen resolutions and mobile devices that are currently in use.

    • Designer
      January 18th

      There’s a broad spectrum of sizes to deal with. Fortunately, the responsive approach can handle most of the situations. Thanks for your comment buddy.

  3. From Archives: Device widths for responsive design #design #useful

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