Minimal GUI Set: More Than 1000 Free Elements, Buttons, Patterns, Icons And Many More

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Tons of high quality elements, our latest freebies

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Hi everyone. We have been very active lately creating new stuff. And we want to present you in this post a compilation with the best freebies from the web sites of the shock family DesignShock, Iconshock, WPThemeGenerator, and themeshock  that have come up recently. You will see awesome work presented in action packs for Photoshop, icons, themes, business cards and many other examples that you will find just by reading this post.

We are sure that you will enjoy them.

3D Styles And Actions Pack For Photoshop


Ideal for logos or any other font project; with 50 actions and styles, these actions will allow you to create an eye catching 3D text effect.

Grid Layout Responsive WordPress Theme


Integrated with all the features a Theme Generator’s theme has, this theme full of patterns that resemble the Artist’s canvas, could fit on that very particular style, however, options are limitless so are the customizing options.

Full IPad GUI Pack (Retina Display)


When creating an app, one of the first steps is to design the GUI of the app. With this collection of 150 elements in five different colors you will have all the elements you need to create the GUI you want for your iPad app and better yet all the elements are for retina display.

Monster Mascots Pack


With the upcoming Halloween, nothing could be better that a Monster mascot pack, but you are not limited to just a few pre-made monsters, instead you can combine each and every element to create a monster as you want.

2000 Buttons Awesome pack


Buttons are a pretty important part of every GUI, to help you with your GUI design here is this awesome pack with 2000 buttons, with 5 color variations and 100 design styles, all of them ready to be included on any design you have.

User Icon Set


User icons could provide valuable information, specially in multiuser systems or web sites, where users need a speedy system to identify which kind of user are they. For that purpose here is a pack of user icons.

Ares GUI Set: A Full 3D GUI Pack


Create the GUI you want with this pack of 3D styled GUI elements, all of them ready to be included on your next mock-up.

50 Business Card Designs


Business cards could be a pretty useful tool, specially when you are working freelance, these cards will allow your customers to remember you for a bit longer. With 50 designs you will surely find the one that suits you the best.

100 Badges Pack


Give special importance to any element inside your page or app or catch the eye of any user including one of these badges.

Cursive Minimalistic Responsive WordPress Theme


Minimalistic but full of customization options, this theme can fit on any design and topic you have in mind.

PSD, CSS And Bootstrap Fancy Tables


When you are selling products, specially if those products are sold via subscription, it is sure that you will need to show them in an ordered way. Commonly in a table. So, for those tables and any other table you have, here is Fancy Tables a CSS based table ready to be used.

Phoebus GUI Pack


GUI is probably one of those elements that could define the success or failure of an app. So, to help you with this task here is Phoebus a GUI pack with more than 1000 design elements ready to be included in your GUI design.

Pixel Perfect Mini Icons


This is a set of 1325 pixel perfect icons, each one with two different sizes, 12px and 16px, and three color variations, enough icons for your next project.

Business Cards, Letterheads, Folders And Envelopes Print Templates Pack


Any printed element could define how a brand is seen by the people, even if is not a printed version of the document elements like letterheads, envelopes or folders could give a significant good impression of your brand. With that in mind, we bring you about 100 print elements including letterheads, folders, envelopes and business cards.

10 Responses to “Tons of high quality elements, our latest freebies”

  1. These are really lovely freebies. Thanks…..:)

    • Designer
      January 21st

      Nice you like the freebies. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Well that’s a bunch of good freebies… Thanks for putting together this list, guess I’ll grab one or the other thing. And – merry Christmas by the way :)

    • Designer
      January 18th

      Yes Frank, lots of good quality stuff. Happy 2013 for you (:

  3. Miguel
    December 24th

    Thanks Juan! I’ve been looking all over for an iPad GUI and this works perfectly. 

    – Miguel

    • Designer
      January 18th

      Hi Miguel. Thanks for appreciating our work. Just in case you’d want to have a commercial license for these products, plus several other benefits, please follow this link The Shock Bundle

  4. Raghu
    February 3rd

    Very nice collection of freebies… Thank you so much..

  5. i really like this page its got some great ideas. I have been using to create fast and easy web pages. it has great  designs and it is really professional.

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