Minimal GUI Set: More Than 1000 Free Elements, Buttons, Patterns, Icons And Many More

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A width-flexible, component based CSS layout system

A flexible width, component based CSS layout system, introducing StackLayout.

Hover effects with jQuery

Mosaic, an splendid jQuery plugin that implements several great effects in your images easily.

200 best 404 error page designs for inspiration


Nice roundup featuring the most original, funny and creative 404 pages on the internet, very inspirational post.

Multiple columns CSS framework (up to 6)

Not Just a Grid is a flexible and modular CSS framework designed to assist web developers in the rapid prototyping and development of websites.

JavaScript form validation script based on MooTools

VMFormValidator is a JavaScript form validation script based on MooTools 1.3. It aims to provide simple, reliable validation for all form element types across all browsers in an unobtrusive manner.

CSS Easing animation tool

Like Mc Tween did with Flash a few years ago now we have Ceaser, a powerful easing animation tool powered with CSS and ready to be implemented in your sites.

Create CSS classes and IDs from a single sprite image

Spritebox is a great WYSIWYG tool to help designers generate CSS clasess and ID’s from a single sprite image with ease.

CMS without database: Stacey

Meet Stacey, a helpful Content Management System (CMS) easy to use and lightweight.

Gradient property in CSS3

In this article you will be reading how to use linear and repeated linear gradients, which are supported across Opera 11.10+, Firefox 3.6+, Safari 5.03+ and Chrome 7+.

Multiple columns in CSS3

In this article you’ll find an introduction regarding the features of the Multi-column module in your CSS layouts.

Realistic vintage vector tutorial


Amazing freebie, the largest credit card icon set so far ready to use in all your e-commerce and financial projects. The package features more than 427 icons in 7 different sizes with AI (vector) and PS (pixel perfect) sources included.

Creating statistical operations with JavaScript

Written in JavaScript, jStat is a statistical library that helps you perform advanced statistical operations without relying on a dedicated statistical language

zoom to any web element with Zoomooz

Zoomooz is a simple and easy to use jQuery plugin that inserts a zoom action within a web element.

CSS3 features and properties, complete guide

A complete CSS3 guide that showcases all its major property and makes a complete analysis about each one of them.

Columns with jQuery, Columnizer plugin

Drop down menus with jQuery plugin

A helpful jQuery plugin for making super drop down menus, highly recommended for web designers.

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