Minimal GUI Set: More Than 1000 Free Elements, Buttons, Patterns, Icons And Many More

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Flash animations without code using Giotto


Giotto is an useful tool that lets designers create beautiful animations without having to be ActionScript experts and letting them focus on aesthetics.

CSS3 drop shadow, 100+ best tutorials, scripts and examples

CSS3 drop shadow

Useful roundup featuring the best CSS3 shadow tutorials, plugins, scripts, good practices and more.

Dialog box / alert message in jQuery with Apprise


Apprise is a jQuery alternative for fast and simple alert/dialog boxes. It gives you total control over style, content, position, and functionality.

jQuery slideshow plugin, lots of free examples


On this article we talk about Skitter, a jQuery plugin that gathers some of the nicest slideshow designs ready for download and implement in your website

Percentage grid system in HTML5

Useful percentage-based grid system that lets you adjust column widths and gutters to the different container elements without having to do it manually

Real-time website monitoring with Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a web tool that lets you perform real-time monitoring on what your visitors are doing in your website, number of clicks, time spent, etc.

Best jQuery blogs to keep in your RSS


An extended showcase where you will find the top jQuery blogs that every web designer / developer should always keep within his RSS feed.

CSS3 box shadows, tips and examples


A great compilation featuring 39 different box-shadow effects done with CSS3, though the shadows only work in Google Chrome the results are really neat.

Design rights, legal terms… learn everything

All you have to know in the design business about copyright, contracts, forms, licensing, creative commons, gnu license, and more…

Social icons sidebar: ShareSidebar

ShareSidebar, a great way to integrate social icons within your website.

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