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Tracking google analytics


URL builder is an useful tool for Google Analytics that helps you in the making of faster and effective link tagging for all your campaing links.

Live preview a website with JavaScript


Nice JavaScript trick that shows you how to obtain a live preview of the site that you’re working on.

Issuu in WordPress


On this quick tip we will show you how to insert Issuu documents inside a WordPress blog with only a few lines of code.

html form validation and creation with php


Introducing Zebra_Form, a PHP class for creating and validating beautiful, secure, and functional HTML forms

Helvetica free download… with Google Web Fonts

An awesome typeface experiment where we will try to recreate the most famous (commercial) Helvetica variations through the Google (free) Web Fonts library.

jQuery effects: rumble, shake and rotate


jRumble is an entertaining jQuery plugin that helps you trigger a rumble, shaking or rotation event in any web element.

Say hello to our new Dribbble account and the first freebie

Recently we were lucky to receive an invitation to join Dribbble, one of the largest design communities in the world. We’ve published our first shot at the page featuring our famous vintage typewriter, don’t forget to follow us and leave your comments.

Implement a floating configuration panel to DOM elements


jQConfigurator is a neat jQuery plugin that lets you implement a floating configuration panel to DOM elements

Creating patterns/textures (PAT files) in Photoshop

patterns Photoshop

A great approach to patterns in Photoshop, from the creation to the implementation accompanied with some good examples and freebies.

New update: Quick tips and useful resources in our main section


A new updated to WebDesignShock has been made featuring the Useful Resources section from now on in the main section of the page besides its original sidebar location.

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