Minimal GUI Set: More Than 1000 Free Elements, Buttons, Patterns, Icons And Many More

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The best Design related articles of the month


A lot of professionals have created in the latest years a strong bond with the web to the point of almost total dependence; designers, programmers, writers, marketers, photographers, illustrators and much more fit in this. We, together, have created a sort of ecosystem by making contributions everyday. Call it design tips, plugins, PSD freebies, tutorials, opinions, all of this represents a contribution that makes the web bigger and bigger at every moment.

From our shock family to you: 10 convenient Ready-to-download freebies you should get now


Hi there, fellows. Here at webdesignshock we like providing you with only quality design resources. This week, we bring you a complete list of the latest freebies we’ve been working on and you’ve been able to see in our shock family sites. Handy free resources to enhance your work. Take a look.

10 great web tutorials on pixel perfect design


Below you’ll find bet 10 tutorials on pixel perfect design available on the web.

Why Ours is the best WordPress Theme Builder


Since the beginning of last year, the WordPress Theme Generator has been moving around, and you may have heard something about it; this is one of our best projects, and it seems that a lot of people is trying it out now and most of them are having excellent results and satisfaction with the tool. If at this point you are wondering what is so good about the WordPress Theme Generator, we are going to tell you a little bit more about it; in this post we are going to compare the WordPress theme Generator with other four similar applications; leaving partiality aside in the best way we can, despite the description of our tool is significantly bigger for obvious reasons. Take a look at this post and find out what advantages this tool has to offer.

A growing bundle of fantastic WordPress themes for Free

themeshock bundle featured

Hi there, today we want to talk about something that turns to be good news for all web masters out there. Themeshock has released an enormous bundle of free themes. and we took some time to review them and tell you what is so good about this bundle. We will tell you about its growing process. And their features, because they have some special features that separate them from the rest of free themes out there.

Harden your WordPress security with the most complete guide

security camera

The guys at ThemeShock have published a new post called “Wordpress Security: the most complete guide” which is a compendium of the most important facts about security in WordPress that have come up recently, and this post’s goal is to give you a small appetizer resuming some of the topics discussed.

jQuery Slider Shock: The Most Complete Slider


We are proud to present our latest product : jQuery Slider Shock. A fully responsive slider and the most complete over the web right now. Available for you to download it as a jQuery code to use it where you can, or as a plugin for the most used CMS: WordPress.

Tons of high quality elements, our latest freebies


Our latest freebies, including themes, GUI packs, icons and much more. All of them together brings tons of functionalities and high quality elements ready to be included on any project.

1325 Free Pixel Perfect Mini Icons


Here we are again from iconshock bringing you a new collection set with 1325 pixel perfect icons, each one with two different sizes, 12px and 16px, and three color variations, 1325 icons that will increase the already huge library of icons, more than a million professional icons available to you.

Brushinh: a free grid layout wordpress theme


Today we bring a new theme to you, this free new theme comes with all the functionalities included on any Theme Generator theme, options like customized layout per page, customized post types and 4 different sliders are just a few of the huge group of options this theme has. Furthermore this theme like all theme generator is fully responsive so you won’t need to have an special theme for those small screen devices, but the good news don’t end there and that’s because this theme will benefit from the constant updates Theme Generator themes have.

Google Web Fonts


An important part of the style of a page are the fonts used through it and for many designer one of the first places to look for a font is Google web fonts with more than 500 free fonts ready to be used, but the time it takes to see each and every font is time that you could expend designing your site, however, we bring you our solution to that problem. Best web fonts was created to solve that particular need and it is that Best web fonts show the very best fonts shown on Google web fonts and moreover it allows you to add a text effect to any of the fonts. All the effects are done with CSS and the code to create it can be copied and paste it directly on your page. Don’t spend your time again searching through that huge collection of fonts, the next time you need a font just go to Best Web fonts.

A collection of apps to boost your online productivity


Today being ‘productive’ has a whole new meaning as we live our working lives in cyberspace. It can be hard to quantify exactly what you’ve accomplished when there’s nothing tangible to see or touch, but these next apps can help. From dashboards to deal sites and a bit of everything in between they will help you coordinate and quantify your online work and give you a better idea of how you’re doing and where you are, task-wise. Check out a few and see which ones can help you today.

Latest resources for web ninjas


Today’s release is mostly based on nice JS, CSS3 & HTML5 resources, they’re the current state of the art and therefore you should take a look to some of these resources to bring your project to the next level, and please don’t forget WordPress, mix them and reach the perfect recipe for good looking projects.

Creating pinterest-like pinboards in your website with this plugin


Our partner site ThemeShock has released a new plugin called Pluginterest, using this plugin you can create pinboards in your site pages. These Pinboards are created using a shortcode and displays posts that you choose.

45 CSS boxes (imageless) with demo & code ready to download.


Hello friends, this is a huge compilation with 45 imageless CSS and CSS3 boxes ready to download, including source code in both CSS and HTML and a working demo to see how they work, to see the real power behind this fantastic compilation, please use google chrome or similar browser ;)

Latest resources for web developers and designers


Hi, we’ve been missing for awhile, because we’ve been working onto our projects, wp theme generator and Design Shock, but here we are again bringing you a fresh top list of frameworks, plugins, scripts and some tutorials to let all of you improve your web designing skills, but that’s enough of words, so better take a look at it.

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