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CSS Breadcrumb tutorial


Nowadays with the new possibilities of CSS like transitions, transformations, gradients and so on, many things we used to do with a combination of code and images are now possible with bare code.

Introducing DesignShock: Our New Project, Hundreds of Freebies


About one week ago we released a new website called DesignShock in which we offer free bundles for visitors, also users can register to get the latest bundles right in their emails.

This project born of the idea of creating a clean site in which users can find what they want and don’t be bothered with a bunch of ads or publicity that some don’t like. DesignShock has a fast posting flow, it’s noticeable that in about one week from the release we’ve published 17 posts. By this time, this site is our ‘baby’ so that it’s likely that great posts come every little time.

Freebie: RetroPixel GUI, 1000+ vintage elements


Some days ago we were thinking about releasing a GUI Set, and we thought that it would be better if it had some of that retro style that is so popular nowadays. As you know, in WebDesignShock we always try to feed our readers with quality content so we finally decided to create a very complete retro GUI set, that can be used in a variety of projects. The Retro-Pixel GUI Set is a collection of 7 Sets which include textures, icons, sliders, boxes, banners, badges, navigations and some other elements.

500 logo templates, new freebie


This is one of the most amazing resources we have released so far, 500 logo templates, including 3D and 2D finishing, with source files. Quality behind this pack is the highest possible, but don’t take my word for it and check it yourself.

Freebie: Apollo GUI set, The biggest GUI you have ever seen.


Have you ever thought, how can I improve the GUI of my project? well, it can be difficult if you don’t have a base design and try to create one directly from scratch, it’s known that it can be done that way, but it’s more likely that you succeed when you have a great PSD base to start with. That’s why we have created this amazing and huge freebie!

How to Avoid Pantone 711 c


ave you ever had a client tell you to “Make it POP!” or “It doesn’t have the WOW factor I’m looking for” or “I just don’t know what it is… but make it POP!” to the point where you turn Pantone 711 c because you just can’t figure it out? Well, this may be a good time to read further, get helpful design tips to follow, and avoid the downward spiral of creative doom. When it comes to design, it is absolutely necessary to understand colors, fonts and images and how to use them. Okay, that may sound very cliché but are you up to par with current design trends or are you still recycling black, white and red as a color palette in your projects? Now that is cliché. With that said, welcome to the design rehabilitation 101! This mini guide will help whip your pixels into shape and make a statement with your clients.

85 CV Templates pack, great freebie


In design world you can be amazed by the amount of people that have a nicely done curriculum, if you haven’t consider having yours yet, well, you should have in mind that this is a great means by which people is able to see your work indirectly. Even though creating one seems pretty simple, not always you get the result you want when start creating yours. Is because of this that we have made this amazing freebie with 20 fancy CV templates in order for you to create your own CV and don’t have to start from scratch.

50 amazing CSS button sets


You know that there are a lot of impressive and awesome things out there that were made using CSS, we all know that, but sometimes they’re hard to find, so today we’re bringing you some of the best buttons we’ve found, they all were made using CSS, here you’ll be able to see a demo for those beauties, as well as the HTML and CSS code.

How to optimize a JPEG image for the web


Nowadays, having a slow website is simply not an option. In most cases, you can point the finger of blame at your images. Your images can be held responsible for sluggish loading times and will therefore affect your website’s overall performance.This is not good news at all. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which you can optimise your JPEG images for your website. But the last thing you want is to have to sacrifice any of your image quality.

The whole point of your images is that they look impressive, sharp and clear. Luckily, with many methods and advanced tools, you are still able to retain image quality while losing some of those unwanted bytes.

New Free bundle: 50 Free WordPress Themes and our new project !


As you you may have noticed during the last days our post flow have decreased a little, if was wondering why, here’s the reason. We have been working in our newest project, called Wordpress Theme Generator which is an awesome tool that allows you to create WordPress Themes in minutes, without writing a single line of CSS or HTML, and today we are giving away 50 free and fully functional wordpress themes created with this fantastic tool.

A Look into In-House Design


In the graphic design industry, designers are generally placed in three roles and find work through three types of employment: freelance, agency, and in-house design. Freelance design is performed by the self-employed; individuals who sell their services and skills wherever they can. Both new and seasoned graphic designers turn towards freelancing: therefore, fresh graphic designers may find it difficult to gain a foothold in the market. However, freelance designers are constantly on the search for clients, sometimes successful, sometimes not.

6 Top Tips for a Successful Cross Culture Website


If you don’t already know, over 70% of internet users are searching the world wide web in another language to the one you’re reading now. A little surprised? Well, if you thought simply changing the language tab on your website was enough to satisfy your users, then it’s time to get a little more savvy about your website’s international appeal

Facebook news feed and timeline PSD

Facebook PSD front

For any of you that want to mock up any designs using the new Facebook news feed or timeline, here are 2 handy and ready to download PSD’s that will make it easier to do such a thing.

Looking to buy Facebook Fans?


Can buying Facebook Fans actually add value to my Fan Page? I’ve bought fans before and realized they are fake/inactive profiles, are there any legitimate companies out there?…Why don’t I just build my Fan Page organically?…Why don’t I just use Facebook Ads to generate Fans?…These are all questions that many businesses face when starting up a Fan Page for their company, but should you buy your Facebook Fans?

Effects Hover jQuery Plugin


Just found this useful plugin, in cas eyou are looking for a way to add nice hover effects, this plugin is ideal.

Jquery plugin to fix misspelled domains in forms


Very useful jQuery plugin that suggests a right domain when your users misspell it in an email address.

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