Minimal GUI Set: More Than 1000 Free Elements, Buttons, Patterns, Icons And Many More

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jQuery Filtering plugin powered with HTML5


While creating a project, we often want to categorize the items our visitors see by creating category tags. Filtrify is a plugin developed by Luis Almeida that allows us to make tag-based filtering.

65 free design kits: Box of Bundles Number 2 has been released !


Are you looking for some freebies? Well, if that’s the case, today’s the day for finding them, because the second wave of Box of Bundles is here. Box of bundles is a project created by the shock family (yeah, us) where designs from several experienced and outstanding designers are published and available to be downloaded by everyone in one single zip (yes, they’re all free)

Useful legal documents and contracts for designers


Did you ever have the problem of needing some legal documents, but you didn’t knew where to get them?. Well, today we’ve brought you a list of 16 legal documents that might prove useful on your future projects. We hope these documents come handy when you need it ;)

Jquery read more link (overflow style) plugin


This is nice JQuery plugin, it uses an ellipsis to indicate (automatically) that there is more text than currently visible? It’s like using overflow: hidden; But pro style.

Choose the Right Colors for a Compelling Website Design


Any time you are tapped to design a website for a business, whether it is burgeoning or already established, one of the first things that you will have to consider is the color scheme. As you probably already know, color is a lot more than a visual aspect – it is something that also affects the emotions.

So before deciding on a color scheme for the business site that you are building, take a look at this rundown of what these colors mean in business, and which colors you should be gravitating towards in order to represent your clients aptly through your planned visual design work.

Facebook timeline GUI with PSD sources


Do you like the new facebook timeline design ? uhmm, me neither, but in case you need a full layered psd containing the new facebook gui, you are in the right place.

Drag and drop Jquery File Upload plugin


The most complete Upload Jquery plugin I’ve seen lately, it includes drag and drop support, progress bars, multiple files and more. MIT license. (yes, free)

“Domain Storming” a Great Name For Your Business


If you aren’t already sold that your business should have a page on the Internet, well frankly-it should. Assumingly, you are already convinced of this, as everyone around you, even the local hole-in-the-wall drycleaner has a website these days it seems. Well, all websites start with a domain name, and getting a good one, and without being ripped off is a must. Here’s how:

Pure css3 buttons with hover effect


I’m sure you are not tired of nice css3 experiments, so here we go with this useful set of 12 pure css3 buttons, with hover effects.

WordPress Plug-In Design Approach…from a Personal Experience


Designing for a community of users can be very different from designing for oneself. One must consider not only the differences in taste, but must also anticipate different and unexpected uses for your product, and don’t forget that when designing for the community, differences in skill level must also be considered. None the less, when approached in the right frame of mind, designing for the community can be extremely rewarding.

Tutorial for a CSS3 animated hover effect


Tired of flipping through a bundle of dull and flat images?… This might be happening to your site visitor also, haven’t you noticed that as time goes by users are more and more hard to impress … suddenly it seems like its not enough for certain viewers to have a great display of images if when they don’t have incorporated some transition or display effect, but shine can be a cool and pretty simple solution to boost image display and make a compelling end result.

Be non-destructive in Photoshop, Useful Tutorial


Beside tons of available features, Photoshop is the simplest and best image editing software due to the unique editing options that it offers such as: non-destructive adjustments, non-destructive filters and nondestructive traditional techniques like dodging and burning. In this tutorial I will guide you through the non-destructive edition process and give you some tips how to use all Photoshop power.

Bring your Online Brand to Life!…With Characterization


“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”. I start with Bill Gates’ words because his analogy refers to the humanization of the webosphere. Town square? Village? The digital world has indeed begun to emulate the physical one – we do a lot of our learning and socializing online. People love to interact on the web, which begs the question: is your brand’s website full of life? Is it expressive? Is it relatable? Is it versatile? Well, it should be.

Today’s Internet users want to deal with brands that convey a ‘human feeling’. In other words, people want to visit websites where brands have personality, so if you still haven’t managed to accomplish this, and a great way for you to bring your online brand to life and give it a compelling persona is by using web characters.

Web characters are great because they add a colored, fun, playful, and often refreshing personality to brands, this is something that will immediately catch the consumers attention so that when they enter your site will be drowned to it’s friendly, interesting, and overall pleasant look

Tizieu Rulez’s Never Ending Creative Flow


Invisible Captcha, Probably the best captcha alternative (wp plugin included)


3rd Round on Best Fresh Resources for Web Junkies

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