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Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates

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Due to Steve Jobs’ recent resignation as Apple CEO on August 24th 2011, and Bill Gates’ efforts with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we wanted to do a tribute for these great men in technology, presenting an amazing infographic created by our designers, showing the most relevant aspects in the lives of these great guys.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

It also gives us an insight of their work through representative brands and products which have been part of their careers and have inspired us all!

Remember to click in the image to enlarge, now, Who do you think has contributed the most to the technology industry? Do you know some other facts about these amazing guys? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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128 Responses to “Steve Jobs VS Bill Gates”

  1. nice post, good comparison, impressive

  2. Design Social Media
    September 16th

    nice infographic :) thanks.

  3. Well Done!

    Nice infographic depicting business mind vs. creative mind.

  4. Wow, Great!

  5. This post is so impressive. This is great.

  6. i liked that

  7. WOW! very impressive comparison chat, Great :) both have some very similarities… :)

  8. Amazing comparison chat, both are same career as far as, Bill gate has $50 billion :)

  9. Great information! Keep up the good work.. 

  10. Criar Site
    September 28th

    They are different characters and one completes another! There is no winners

  11. Jewel
    October 3rd

    This is so impressive. They have a lots of money.. They might think to share some of it. LOL!

    • Tomasz
      October 5th

      Erm, Bill Gates is giving 99% of his money to charity. I’m pretty sure that’s more than enough sharing.

  12. Sciatic Nerve
    October 6th

    Steve Jobs dies : A brilliant visionary. Our era’s Thomas Edison. A true genius. A symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit and creative brilliance that has played a key role in America’s greatness. We mourn the loss of this exceptional individual who contributed so very much. He really is the kind of genius who rarely walks this earth and can never be replaced.

  13. Yvonne
    October 6th

    Your work is so creative, good comparison of wealth =)

  14. Scott
    October 9th

    great comparison, Gates jump from a million to a billion was quick!

    also, jobs’ current position might need to be updated :)

  15. nice enough the infographic, but please change the year for the first Microsoft product release.  MS-DOS 1.0 was 1981.  See

  16. One error I see. Bill Gates is not an agnostic, but atheist. But I doubt that many people, including the creator of the infographic know the difference.

    An agnostic says that it is unknowable if there is or is not a god.

    An Atheists says there has never been any evidence for a god so the rational position is that there is not a god.

  17. Wow…nice information shared. This is something that only 10% of people knows over the world.


  18. Highly energetic post, I loved that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  19. Surminga
    February 1st

    Love Steve Jobs.. Nice information here up against Bill..

  20. Both are famous people who create craze in the world of IT. Like this informative info graph. Even i like to share this on my Facebook page by giving your credit link.

  21. Nice Post..Thanks for sharing this post..

  22. Anonymous
    August 22nd

    Nice Post.Thnaks for sharing with us..

    • Designer
      August 22nd

      You are welcome Stay tuned for more

  23. Professional Logo Design Online
    December 23rd

    Great Post for beginners! Love your writing style!

  24. Wow this is nice work here really well.

  25. Too informative work you have Shared here Thanks

    • Designer
      March 12th

      Thank you for taking the time to read it.

  26. Thanks for sharing this post.nice post..keep in touch with u

  27. Good Post.Thanks for sharing with us

  28. What a great post! I like when people put themselves into their reviews. It is a way to get to know them better

  29. Great Post..Thanks for sharing here on net..Great job

  30. Infográfico sobre Steve Jobs e Bill Gates

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  36. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates – een infografiekje. Het lijntje ‘Religion’ is wat mij betreft de perfecte samenvatting.

  37. Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs infograph. Bill G. a buddhist? I did not know that!

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  54. Just found out that Bill Gates went from a less than a million $ to over a billion $ in 2 years.

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