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200 best footer designs for inspiration

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As most of you guys probably know, the footer is the last significant part of a website. It tends to be used for placing important information, such as the RSS feedback button, slide galleries, contact information, latest posts, the site map, among others. But the footer its not just a large space to fill the bottom of the page. Its a whole design area, in which the designer can place some pretty cool ideas that will not fit inside the main space of the site. In this countdown, we will be showing you some of the coolest footer ideas on the web, so lets get it started.

Ground-Like Footers

This footers are identified by a high quality illustration on it, this is used by some designers to complete the layout of the website. The usual things this footers show are landscapes, cities, green and blue.

1. YoDiv


This is the first example we found concerning ground-like footers. Its a good idea to create a solid ground to your website, because that may evocate a sense of responsibility and order ideas. You don’t need to insert a HD photograph to emulate a ground feeling, just a nicely-done image and that’s it.

2. Vill


Octopus meets astronauts, that’s the main theme of this footer and the website in general, a lovely blue tone surrounds the website vibe.

3. Vimeo


In Vimeo you will find a cool footer. Not much information is shown on it, but the main is present. A nice illustration style.

4. Kulturbanause Blog


This is a brilliant WordPress Blog footer, it reminds me of an old Chinese painting, the waterfall, the mountain, the tree, everything helps in creating a brilliant footer design.

5. The Rissington Podcast


This footer shows an old RFA plane ready to take off, the footer goes along with the rest of the page.

6. WeBiz4


A series of ornamental figures sets the boundaries between the main page and the footer, a pretty one idea.

7. StrawPoll


This one reminds me of Vimeo. The footer is always on top, so you can see it a every time while you’re on the website, a nice country field design.

8. Dandelion Path


Oh, the classic vector flowers, long time no see, a feminine touch can be sense in this footer.

9. Branded07


This guy loves penguins, so he took them to a lake at the bottom of his site, along with some interesting links, a contact form and a basic site map.

10. Gisele Jaquenod


The design style of Gis can be sensed through all the website, cute vectors and a nice footer idea.

11. Storenvy


See?, you don’t need a HD photograph, a very simple vector and you have a pretty landscape for your footer.

12. Urban Pie


These 3 little cartoons look great in front of the city sketch, a pretty cool footer.

13. Carbonica


Grab some textures, then add a simple vector and you got a good website footer.

14. Du Bout Deus Yeux


I like the fact that the font plays along with the ground image.



Not even a single word, but still a lovely footer.

16. littleoddforest


This guy wanted to have his own web forest, so he draw it and let us seeing it through all the web navigation.

17. Bristol Archive Records


Sober but attractive, a pretty cool footer.

18. Drawn to Pixels


Although the site is under maintenance, they kept a cute little footer on it.

19. Multiways


What a cool idea to put a worm inside the footer, A nice footer design idea.

20. bio


Clear space, only a few vectors and information, a pleasant website.

21. launchmind


A brilliant character design in front of a city drawing.

22. Yes Insurance


Brilliant illustration, period.

23. Design Bombs


This 3 soldiers appear to be at some Mario Bros world, be careful guys.

24. Tomas Pojeta


This guy is a master of illustration, and this is only the website’s footer.

25. DivVoted


I wish I live in this island, simple but beautiful.

26. ligne treize


And if I get bored of the DivVoted island I could come and live here.

27. Twither


Pretty illustration. This footer is almost the main part of this website.

28. Meomi Cloud House


She has a lovely illustration style, imagine the rest of the website by just looking at the footer.

29. Jiri Tvrdek


Mr. Panda invites us to meet Jiri’s footer.

30. Pinjata


I sense some Disney’s inspiration in this website, a well applied inspiration.



This is so retro, I really like this footer and the website in general.

32. Rose Fu


This footer and flicka’s look a lot alike, anyway, but are cool.

33. Stone Laboratory


A nice contrast between a black and gray photograph and the blue sky.

34. Global Business IT


This footer looks like a High Definition photograph, pretty cool.

35. Grzegorz Kozak


Beautiful illustration, the image speaks for itself.

36. Huxley Prairie Festival


Very iconic, the icons are the essence of this footer, along with the texture.

37. The Pixel


As people say, an image is worth a thousand words.

38. The Great Bearded Reff


The man with the beard, alone in his island.

Elegant and High Contrast Footers

This footers are designed to divide the layout through simple designs and contrasting colors, usually dark colors are used in this class.

39.Washtenaw Community College


You can see some hints of illustration, but always keeping the simplicity.

40.MB Dragan


Its not necessary to be an awesome illustrator to make a good footer. A well chosen color palette, thought font management and diagramming its all MB Dragan needed to make this footer work.

41.Weblabs Solutions


An awesome footer, it looks just like the desk of many web designers.

42.Michale Graves


You can be elegant and still rock, as Michale Graves does with his footer.



Subtle gradients, organized information, great footer.

44.Stefan Kovac


I feel so relaxed by looking at this footer.

45.Harmony Republic


Brilliant color palette, a lot of empty space to create a visual rest area.

46.Frenzy Labs


So simple, so beautiful, so peaceful.

47.TNT Pixel


A simple footer that turns great thanks to the font the author choose and the dynamite element in the center.

48.Matt Salik


Not much to say, a brilliant footer.



Not to much details, just the necessary information with a nice diagramming, that’s pretty much it.

50.Nimbupani Designs


Elegant, modern and with a elegant touch at the edge.



Acid, a very acid yellow and still, sober and well diagrammed.



A lovely footer design. Provides the necessary information and completes it with a lovely instrument kit on top.

53.Oliver James Gosling


A white background usually works, as it does in this case.

54.The White House


The people of the White House have made a good job on using the footer to show all the information people need in a very clean and organized way.



They not even used black and white, just different tones of gray and you got it, an elegant and good looking footer.

56.Elan Snowboards


This footer fits fine with the rest of the page. Well chosen fonts and organized information, along with a dark background to create contrast.



Almost duotone, this footer have a very ecological style.

58.Billy Hughes at War / Museum of Australian Democracy


A blue footer contrasts with the mainly white color around the website. The hand drawn illustration of Billy Hughes completes the design.



Kailoon takes her footer to show some of her work, she also wrote a few “about me” lines and placed a cute little cartoon at one side.

60.Biola Undergrad


A friendly website designed to persuade users to start studying at Biola, a simple footer with a nice touch at the right side.

61.US Trendy


This is as simple as it gets, but still works as a good footer.


Minimal detail in this footer, grabs my attention the so called “quote calculator” the show.

63.HEBAtec Internet Systems


This footer resembles a Levi’s store. A very handcraft design that contents a search bar, contact information and some other important themes.



In this page you cannot tell for sure where the footer starts and the main site ends, a good use of the green palette for the fonts and the backgrounds.

65.Smashing Magazine


Simple diagramming, sober colors, appropriate information, this are all characteristics of the elegant footers section.



A simple diagramming, brown and green look good together.



Simplistic, almost duotone color palette, bottom line, a nice footer.

68.Obox Blog


Simple and elegant design, useful information displayed and an interesting color choice.

69.Manndible Cafe


You don’t need much more than this, a good combination between black and orange.

70.You The Designer


The 3 column system usually works well, as it does on this footer.

71.Split Da Diz


A nice zigzag edge, a flickr viewer and a tag cloud, its an interesting diagramming proposal the empty space given at the right side.

72.Behance Network


The guys of Behance gave a considerable importance to the advertisement inside the footer area, the rest is a series of 6 blocks on information in black, gray and blue font.

73.Vocino Labs


Modest design, organized information and a working contrast function.

73.Light CMS


Black to white, white to black, header to footer, footer to header.

74.Mix Online


An elegant footer is always a good choice if you’re working on a serious interface.

75.Rida Al Barazi


So simple, so beautiful, so Rida al Barazi.

76.The Hickensian


Very simple design, dark font colors over a light background and a nice icon at the right side.

77.Freelance Switch


Strong font for the titles, brilliant color selection and a small but still captivating character around.



A 4 box footer, in the first a tag cloud, the next for Facebook add, then a latest post box and finally at the bottom, the main information.

79.Games for her by you


A simple blue stripe in front of a dark / light background, beautiful.

80.Something Interesting


Something interesting, something simple.



This footer doesn’t even covers the entire page’s width. Just a small yellow shape with the main information, that’s it.

82.Bits & Pixels


Colorful but still simple is the fittest description to this footer. Basic information and the website logo are found on it, nothing else.

83.City of Grace Mesa


Some Grunge texture and a brown color palette. As long as information, the main Web 2.0 and the corporative information are shown.

84.FortySeven Media


Elegant, organize and complete could be some of the words to describe the FortySeven media footer, a good example for those who like to keep it simple.

Artistic Footers

Some designers don’t like too much the box diagramming for their footers, instead, they place a sample of his work, with a little bit of information around.

85.Groovy Web Design


Sometimes you just need to draw and everything will look clearer



Even with a purple background, this doesn’t look girly, a brilliant illustration work.

87.webdesigner depot


This guy surely took some time to illustrate this footer, a brilliant work.



A mix between grunge textures and vector shapes, a well done footer from the guys of Phizz.

89.Studio Racket


A very organic design, nice use of illustration around the footer and the website in general.

90.Kris Colvin


Brilliant, I love this footer’s quality.

91.Duirwaigh Studios


I have always thought in red when someone says to me the word “theater”, I was right, this guys used that color.

92.Hugs for Monsters


The creator of this website seems to like to paint using oils and stuff, as you can see on the web 2.0 icons in top of the footer.

93.The Portfolio of Jonathan Patterson


The theme of this website goes around food and etiquette. The footer resemblances a open restaurant menu.



Those child looking icons rules and look well along the drawing at one side.



An elegant footer with a cute illustration inside.

96.Cole & Weber United


This guys knew the possibilities that graphic design has to offer before they started this footer, you can tell that.

97.AAN Designers


Those trees remind me of the Bauhaus era. The patterns placed at both sides look very nice.

98.The Midnighters Club


Beautiful footer, the author spend a lot of time making that illustration, for sure.

99.Carol Rivello


Carol succeeded in placing in the footer the main information and at the same time an example of her work.



This guys use the footer for publicity space, although they placed a cute illustration at the right side.

101.Ayaka Ito


Ayaka has a very defined style, great character design and good color acknowledgment.



Almost CMYK, a brilliant idea the icon placed at the left side.


Organic and vibrant are some of the words to describe the green texture in the back of this footer. Well organized information completes it.

104.Inca un calator


Its nice to find a footer with the classic dashed lines on it.

105.Dean Oakley


Is this a floating island?, nicely done.


To see this website, you need to be a fly, because it can only be seen from above, as you can see on the footer.

107.Zagreb Fever


Two trains in a footer, interesting.

108.Red Nose Day 2009


Who said art must always be full of details. This website have a beautiful footer with a bit of art touch, those red noses look great along with the chosen font.

109.Northern Classics


So American, the lady in the middle, motorcycles, fire gradients and a spanner, a good footer idea.

110.Fran Boot


They used a brilliant reflection effect in this footer.



Missy loves jean, so Missy placed it all over her website, even at the edge of the footer.

112.Generation Church


A resource that a lot of graphic designers love is the one that consists in continuous dark and light lines, this guys made use of this resource.



Some vectors, a few textures, a little bit of information, 3 ingredients that can work well in a footer.

114.Vikiworks Infinity


Paper, coffee and pencil, some of the best friends of every designer.



This guy used a mixed painting technique to give life to his footer.

116.Cheb 2.0


Great footer, just the necessary to get to visual, I like the white paint details on top.

117.Olly Hite


Poor information the one shown on this footer, but the overall design work is nice.

118.Digital Deception


This is a pretty cool design, the footer makes impact at the first sight.

119.Team Green Adventures


They love nature, so they are very incisive with that by saying that everything is made with recycled material, although I don’t know what is recycled material on the web.



Awesome illustrations, this guys took the footer space to show some of his greatest work.

121.Creamy CSS


You feel in a library by looking at this footer, or well, at least at some book store.



They took care of the font at every stage, it was only needed a smooth background to complete this footer.

123.Restaurant Nuevo Aurich


Its a brilliant footer, because it captures the essence of the restaurant.

124.Ximena Ruiz


Girls usually create lovely websites, as Ximena does.

125.Flowde Blog


They could have done something better with the contact form, but its still a nice footer.

126.Lendl Allen V.


A lovely combination between the candle and a handmade font.



An interesting design, with a earth based color palette. Tons of greens and browns nicely placed around the page and obviously the footer.

128.Reisen Nach England


Mainly the basic information, the red illustration takes all the credit for the success of this footer.



An interesting texture exploration, just a small space is taken to place some basic information.



Nice texture over the green lines, a lot of important information and a cow on top!!!.

131.Matt Mullenweg


I like this footer design, the leafs element and the piano at the right side creates a good environment.



Who said that red is the color of love?, no way, the new love is painted in black and pink.



This footer is so innocent and beautiful, I like it.

134.Legendary Aircraft


Because this website makes aircraft works, its a nice touch to place a tool box at the footer next with the main information.

135.Pannoninvest Libra


A well chosen wooden texture complemented with a pen and an envelope at the right side of the footer.



I like this style, reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls.

137.Dale Harris


Magenta and blue always get along, even more if a vector shape enters into the mix.



Those 4 characters are brilliant, the rest of the footer is a very elegant one.

139.Web Designer Wall


This guys pay a lot of attention to the details, a lovely footer design.

140.Chris Sharp


Pretty cool the brush touch at the bottom of this footer.

141.Caty Design Studio


This cat is beautiful, and its even animated, also the color elements next to the cat helps creating the mood.

142.Festival Boreal 2009


A beautiful illustration at the bottom of the website.



Another texture exploration, just a few lines of information and we’re done.



Prepare yourselves, the great Guilago is here, a powerful and still simple footer has came to save our lives.

145.I primi dieci


A pretty cute footer, loving the font and icon management.

146.Blog Me Tender


This is probably the biggest footer we have seen. At the bottom we can see some clouds, then we went above and found a RSS balloon floating. A good idea.

147.The ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter Conference


Beautiful footer, love the little twitter bird.

148.Soh Tanaka


Simple design, funny illustration.

149.Edgepoint Church


Very simple, this guys are inviting us to join their church and they’re also aware of the web revolution, so what better than making a nice website with a nicer footer?.


Yes, I know that they could be at the additional functions section. But they deserve to be in this one thanks to the way they show the contact information and the others.

151.Catalyst Studios v.3


All the links are placed over a notebook,, and the blog information is over a post it next to the notebook.

152. Yuru


A brilliant vector work and color palette, I feel peaceful by watching this footer.

153. Story Pixel


Lovely use of textures and hand drawing.

154.Living Design


A quite complex image covers the main body of this footer.



Very simple design, a cool photograph, 2 divisions, main information and no more.

156.Digital Deceptions


The bottom of a paper sheet, very simple footer.

157.Samantha Warren’s


Some random shapes and a twitter pink bird, that’s basically it.

158.Seed Hunter


I bet you are thinking about Indiana Jones. Well this guys got inspired but those classic movies featuring Harrison Ford and made a brilliant website. The footer shows the main information, surrounded but a nice touch of an envelop, a piece of tape and growing seeds at the top.

Footers with additional functions

This kind of footers are used to provide a lot of information in a small space. Besides looking good, the main concern of this designers is to create a footer that communicates things such as the contact information, web 2.0 links, site map, subscriptions, latest posts and tag clouds.



I like the clips holding on the footer. But more important, I like the amount of information they’ve managed to place in this small area.

160.Flourish Web Design


Web design is just like florist, or at least that’s what this guys think.



They know about business, and that’s why they invite you to create and account so you can pay them through PayPal.

162.Ten Thousand Things


Besides the main information, this footer shows some interesting tags and advertisement.

163.The Greg Brady Project


A retro page in which his author makes a compilation of 70’s articles. The footer goes by the same posture, some old pictures with a light blue completes the style of it. Also it provides the visitor with a “get in touch” space.

164.Komodo Media


The creator of Komodo Media wants to keep constant communication with us, that’s why he shows us a series of cd icons showing what he’s listening to, also you can find an instant access to the latest tweets. mapes


The author of this website surely loves the Web 2.0, as you can see on the footer.



He knows that a love of people have been benefiting with his blog, so he invites to donate.

167.Web Design Agency Hull


This guys know exactly what to show to their clients. At the left side is a list of all the things they can do as an agency and at the right side is very precise contact information.



When rollover, a cell phone displays showing the viewer the applications that Fubra hast to offer.

169.Brad Candullo


OK, we have seen footers that show the contact information and even a contact form, but this guy placed even a field so everyone can download his resume, a pretty cool idea.

170.Creanto: The Cloud Agency


In their footer, this people offer precise contact information and subscription buttons.



They certainly took advantage of the footer area by placing 3 items that allow them to stay in contact with the audience.

172.Media Ambassador


In this footer you can find a email subscription bar. A nice black, white and orange design.

173.DrupalCon DC


They use the footer for 3 main purposes: To promote the DrupalCon DC event, to tell people about a t-shirt design contest and to show the press kit. Also at the top of the footer you will see some advertisement links, at the bottom you will see the site map.



Simple black and gray footer with a worldwide map that shows in red the places were Lewro have worked in.



A complete search tool to find posts through all the website, a good way to take advantage of the footer.



They don’t use their footer to promote their selves. Instead, the give this space to show some of the latest posts made on the page.

177.Ready Made Designs


Recent posts, recent tweets and useful links, 3 thinks that makes this footer an essential part of the website.

178.Banjax Web Design


If you want to know the exactly location of Banjax, their footer is the solution. An integrated Google Map shows you their exact position.

179.CSS Tricks


Well dear nerds, this is your footer. This guy knows that he’s a nerd and doesn’t feel embarrassed about it, its footer offers a lot of subscription options, main information, site map and other projects.

180.Positive Space Blog


Organized information, access to the latest tweets, comments, listings and links, this footer is a nice utility.



We can find on this footer a countdown of the most active users, a Flickr viewer and a random poll.

182.43 Folders


Recent posts, hot topics and a central image that contains links to some of the main web resources, as the website name goes by, its footer possesses a folder shape.

183.Lady Omega


A simple footer that exposes a Flickr gallery, a Last FM link and some book recommendations.

184.Hopking Design


You can find anything about this dude on its footer, a complete contact information and also a newsletter subscription tool.

185.Josh Mackey


We appreciate the use given to the icons in this footer. Links to some of the main web resources are placed on this footer.



Well, this footer will be at the elegant footers section if it doesn’t shows a Facebook window showing some of Tiger’s friends.


The first footer we have found until this point with a calendar one it, just for having that element they’ve already reached this category.

188.Blog Amuki


Very artistic footer, but most important, it shows a series of icons to access to some interesting sites, you can also find the most recent post and tweets from the author.



This footer possesses a useful tool, a link to access to the main browser websites so you can download it in an instant.

190.Daniel J. Quinn


3 slideshows are the use given to this footer, you can see also the main information at the bottom part.

Innovative Footers

In this section we include footers that are innovative both in graphic styles as in implementing new tools that usually are not seen in the regular footers.



Awesome font for the titles, awesome grunge texture, bottom line, an awesome footer.

192.I Love Typography


Sober but vibrant, this footer makes a great combination between wild and simple graphic design, I find very interesting “the font game” application.

193.Jason Santa Maria


Do you think the footer is useless?, well this guy doesn’t, he have created one of the coolest footers around, not only elegant, but effective at capturing the viewers thanks to the richness of the information and useful tools.



I like I lot this footer. They placed some important links that are no the usual, such a as questionnaire and a supporting information for micro formats, also a very nice color management.



Mr. Diggles’ footers is one of the most elegant and innovative around. A picture of the one we assume is Mr. Diggles and a tag cloud next to him. That’s pretty much it.

196.David Hellman


Footer is very useful, right David?. Besides the main footer, you can see al the time a tiny little bar that shows some web 2.0, a scroll button and the main information. Then you can go to the real footer and will find some extra information, diagrammed with a very sensitive style.

197.Sawyer Hollenshead


A great idea the one of showing a city landscape at the bottom of the footer. Important information closes the entire design.

198.Superior Contracting Services


This footer is awesome. They had the idea of placing the main information inside an architectural plan.

199.Fusebox Creations


In terms of navigation this footer is just like the rest, but the diagramming is nothing like the usual footers.

200. justBcoz


Its nice to find a calendar next to the post categories, also the icon at the right side is quite beautiful.

OK guys, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this countdown, we tried to gather all the greatest website footers around. If you know about some footer we haven’t mentioned, let us know. Until the next time.

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