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Design blogs, 200 best

Comments and suggestions in here

There are hundreds of design related blogs out there. So many that it becomes a daunting task to pick up only the handful of blogs you really need to follow. The task of weeding out becomes even more difficult when you take into account that a large quantity of new blogs comes out every day. Sum to that the incredible variety of themes and the trend of high specialization blogging is coming through right now.

There is a clear need for some kind of a beginner’s road map don’t you think?  That’s why we’ve decided to make a post that could work as the very first starting point for anyone interested in picking up the right blogs to follow. After months of research, we built a pretty thorough list with many categories so you can get a clearer picture of the gigantic information panorama the web has to offer.

We have not chosen only our favorite blogs. We tried to accomplish a list that really featured only the best of the best. We have listed both classic blogs and hot newcomers. We took into account the consistency of their content, the quality of the design, and their usability. So go ahead, open your RSS feed and get prepared for a hell of a ride. Cancel all your appointments, order some pizza and enjoy this hour long post. Feel free to tell us your own favorites.

General design discussion

Ever wonder which blogs do web celebrities read? Well, here they are, these are the hot shot blogs, blogs that post reflections and strong opinions about the vastness of the world of design without targeting in something specific. Many of these are made by some of the best digital artists in the medium, so you can be sure you can always find interesting, useful and kickass content. These blogs cover topics so varied as technology, freelancing, the future of web, programming and branding.

1. David Airey


David Airey is one of the most respected voices in branding. His clients includes the likes of The Canadian Yellow pages and Giacom. In his blog you will find his thoughts about freelancing, the creative process of identity design, photography and of course, many, many logos.

2. A list apart


What hasn’t been said about these guys? They are like the Harlem globetrotters of web design. No one else can talk with such credibility about the present and the future of the internet as them, as they are the most respected connoisseurs of web standards today. “A list apart” explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

3. From the couch


Tired of reading? ‘From the Couch’ is an Online Video show, hosted by brothers Marc and David Perel, which covers everything web oriented. Their shows are funny and raw, giving honest though about all things around web and technology.

4. Ideas on ideas


Eric Karjaluoto is a Vancouver based designer with incredible expertise on design, branding and user experience. he speaks, reflects and rants just about everything design concerned. Overall a well designed discussion forum.

5. Webdesignshock

One of the newest members of the list, Webdesignshock has become one of the most important design blogs of these days, releasing useful articles, free resources and tips for graphic and web designers. You can find lots of great articles that go from social media tips to web design reviews, definitely a must-bookmark site for designers.

6. Bit Rebels


This is the best place around to procrastinate productively. Well, that if procrastination was at all productive.  Here Misty Belardo, Richard Darell and team full of superstars will give you different perspectives and ingenious insight over topics ranging from the future of internet, gadgets, and Starwars. Don’t check out this blog if you have a tight agenda. It will blow your schedule away.

7. Jason Santa Maria


Jason is one of the vets designers in the world. His blog has been featured in many, many showcases of design because of is brilliant and different approach in each post. The site represents an experiment in art direction online where every article he publishes is designed on the needs of the content. He talks about art, the web and design.

8. I am Paddy


Paddy is the creator of the world famous origami social icons a couple of years ago. His blog content revolves around the craftsmanship of design, blogging and the internet in general. Each post is designed differently depending on the content. There aren’t many posts on his blog, but the few he has published are incredibly informative to read and a joy to look at.

9. Themeshock

From the same team behind Webdesignshock we find Themeshock, an amazing site dedicated to provide high quality freebies and tips. Although the main topic of the site is WordPress, you can find other items once in a while, definitely a very helpful blog to find quality freebies and tips.

10. Sushi & Robots


Jina Bolton is an internationally renown CSS expert. The design of this blog is one of the most innovative of the list, based on elegant serif typography and stunning illustrations. She writes about the internet, CSS, HTML, and sushi. Robots are featured from time to time.

11. Finch


Minimal, elegantly designed blog where you will find tons of outstanding design related thoughts and tips by Francisco Inchauste.

13. Idsgn


Idsgn is a blog about general design discussion. Their content revolves around graphic design, branding and typography. Their content is Inspirational and very informative besides being cleanly designed.

14. Swiss Miss


Celebrity status designer Tina Roth Eisenberg A.K.A Swiss Miss runs this beautiful  blog dedicated to her thoughts and insight on general design. You will find here excellent inspiration and opinion.

12. Cameron Moll


This blog is managed by the recognized designer Cameron Moll, currently residing at Florida. His blog centers on general design discussions, technology, books and also a important thing, he posts once in a while jobs offers.

15. Randa Clay Design


Randy Clay is a graphic designer that manages his own blog in which he publishes a lot of his work and also generates regular high quality articles that covers a lot of design topics.

Only Tutorials

Forgot how to transform paths in illustrator? Want to know how to do that trendy flashy effect light effect in Photoshop? Inside these blogs you will find the best tutorials about almost every design related software out there.

16. PShero


One of the best sources in the net for Photoshop and photography orientated tutorials. This website is one of the classics. This cool intro in the about page will give a glimpse of why this website rocks: “…In a former life I was a young and ambitious designer, climbing the corporate ladder two rungs at a time while simultaneously selling my creative soul for pennies on the dollar. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of those 80 hour work weeks. But after years of pandering to pot smoking executives and grabbing my ankles for a long and distinguished list of demanding clients I woke up to discover that it wasn’t making me happy anymore. So I got out, moved on. Took some time to travel, surf, and re-discover.”

17. PSD Vibe


Excellent site to find tutorials and routines about Photoshop orientated to web design. They also post sometimes cool freebies and general design related articles.

18. PSD Vault


PSD Vault reunites a great amount of Photoshop related tutorials, original and linked form other sites. The place to find all things Photoshop.

19. PSD Fan


What makes this site a bit different from the rest is their posting frequency. They post original tutorials very frequently, plus, interviews with the hottest artist of the moment and plenty of freebies. Only Photoshop related content.

20. Tutorialboard


This site has one of the largest collections of tutorials in the net. Each and every tutorial is of the highest quality, and they have content on about every design software out there, including after effects and 3D software. They also throw every now and then interesting behind the scenes and production interviews. Simply put, far out site.

21. Tutorial 9


These guys are the youngest giants in the net. They rose in little time because of their crystal clear design and high quality tuts, mainly focused to the web design industry. They also have a special section dedicated to photography.

20. Tuts Network


The tuts Network is one of the most respected in the designing industry. This is the best place for newbie’s to start learning their potential tools. You will find on their network special sites dedicated to 3D, Photoshop, web development, after effects and vector software like Corel and illustrator.

24. WordPress TV


Everything you would ever want to know about WordPress can be found here. From beginner to advances you will find an extensive array of well produced video tutorials to enjoy.

22. Tuttoaster


Here you can find free tutorials on a wide variety of web-based subjects. Photoshop, Illustrator, website coding and SEO are just a few of the topics covered in a friendly and clear style.

23. 10 Steps SG


This is one of the best sites to find all things Photoshop. You will find resources like textures and brushes, high quality tutorials, inspirations and even videos. A must see.

24. Hv designs


Very well designed site where you will find one of the most comprehensive vault of tutorials and freebies for coding, wordpress jQuery and Photoshop. Excellent training site for any aspiring web developer.

25. JD For designers


This site is dedicated to teach designers with very little programming experience how to add both simple and complicated effects to their pages through jQuery. Tutorials are organized by level of difficulty, which is a good thing to start off. My only “but” with this blog is that their content is updated irregularly.

26. Soh Tanaka


Gorgeously designed blog, full of straight to the point tutorials, in their majority aimed to web development and coding. You’ll also find good resources and sporadic design related and also off topic refreshing thoughts by the author.

27. Learning jQuery


Learning jQuery is a multi-author weblog providing jQuery tutorials, demos, and announcements. They have tutorials for every taste and every difficulty level.

29. Tutorialzine


Tutorialzine provides its readers with high-quality tutorials, freebies and resources that will help them with their day-to-day development needs.

Resources and Inspiration

One of the greatest things the web brings us today is to possibility to interact with other artists around the world. Being able to browse through the works of the most talented individuals in the industry without leaving your home is real power to learn, get inspired and evolve. Also, looking for inspiration is the best way to procrastinate and still doing something useful at the same time.

30. Pr*tty S*tty


What makes this blog special, besides their clear design, is that they do the necessary exercise of showcasing not only the best of design, but also the worst. Their topics range from product packaging to printing and stationary. Curious thing that this is one of the few Blogger powered sites on the list.

31. Media Militia


This site has it all. Besides showcasing the best of design around the world, they have one of the most thorough vaults on Photoshop resources like brushes and textures.

32. Odds & Ends


This site is one of the best designed photography blogs around. Zhixin Lim posts gorgeous photos with no specific theme in mind. Incredible site to just stare at and have a relaxing time.

33. Iconlibrary


I know this could sound like petty self promotion, but it really isn’t. We are sure the Iconshock blog is the biggest site around dedicated almost exclusively to the art of icon making. We have zillions of free icons, related resources, tutorials and also showcase talent from around the world. The place to go for all icon lovers.

34. iseen blog


Great design for this blog full of beautiful content. You will find posts about just everything here; art, music, videos, design, architecture… their list is almost endless.

35. Cart Frenzy


Need some inspiration for your next web project? This is a web design gallery that only showcases well-designed e-commerce and shopping websites.

36. Graphic exchange


This site is an alternative to the “links only” web sites, showing a selection of work picked by designer Fabien Barral. The site features the best of packaging, photography and web, among other topics. Updated frequently.

37. Typeinspire


While there are hundreds of general web design galleries, niche galleries like this site can prove to be a very valuable resource for anyone who wants to quickly find the best works of a specific topic. Typography is a crucial part of almost any design, be it print, packaging or web and this is the best site to get fresh ideas.

38. Dzine Blog


Here you can find inspirational designs and some good tips in logo, graphics and web designing. The site has regular post each of very high quality and curatorial value. Also, they feature useful resources for web designers, like blog templates, UI kits and much more.

39. Toxel


Inspiration can easily become a time wasting task, even more it you stumble upon a site like Toxel. Here you will encounter a huge amount of stuff ranging from  technology, photography and architecture.

40. My Ink blog


Huge site with tons of high quality resources like brushes, vectors and icons. They take a step apart of most inspiration focused sites by posting easy to follow tutorials as well.

41. Well medicated


Beautiful design for a blog full of beautiful things. Canadian designer Andrew Lindstrom showcases the best examples of illustration, poster art and other findings in the web.

42. Design Shard


Good amount of textures and Photoshop orientated resources and other freebies for any web designer. Design Shard also showcases the best websites and blogs in the web.

43. Francesco Mugnai


Looking for illustration inspiration? Stationary is your thing? Her you will find excellent roundups and articles of the most beautiful examples of design in the web today. What makes this blog special is their high quality resources, like icons and textures, and their infographics and apple exclusive sections.

44. 2experts design


Great showcase of the best of web design, photography and illustration. If that is not enough to fulfill your design hunger, they also include a wallpaper only section and plenty of freebies.

45. Designflavr


Daily art and illustration inspiration from all corners of the web. Great resource for artists and designers alike.

46. Naldz graphics


Young designer Ronald Bien showcases on a regular basis  the best tutorials, freebies, inspirations and other useful and informative resources to the design community.

47. Best design options


Wonderful roundups of best resources like brushes and fonts, plus photography, web design and stationary inspiration. One of our favorite sites.

48. Creative overflow


Creative overflow was founded by Jacques van Heerden a Freelance Digital Artist from South Africa. He showcases almost anything design related, from illustration to web design. You can also find great resources like icons and tutorials.

49. Designrfix


This sites is one of the most complete of the list. They feature inspirational works of almost every design specialty, besides showcasing excellent icons, fonts and tutorials. Very general in their topic approach.

50. D-Lists


A very innovative design and excellent content are the trademarks of this young blog dedicated to post the best in web design and showcases celebrity status designers from around the world.

51. The Cool Hunter


This site could save you hundreds of dollars in art and architecture magazines. They showcase the most inspiring, hype and innovative the world has to offer in music, fashion, interior design, advertising and much more.

52. Typography served


The site itself is a great inspiration with it’s clean layout and bright colors. Here you will find snippets from around the web of great typography. Could benefit from some content indexing.

53. Digital Art Empire


This blog run by film savy designer Ben Rama displays easy to comprehend tutorials and inspirational designs. He also features a good amount of high quality freebies that could surely save your day.

54. Circlebox blog


Designer Callum Chapman runs this site where you will find frequent high-quality content such as Showcases & Round-Ups, Tutorials, Resources and Giveaways.

55. Motion graphics served


Great place to find motion graphics from big production houses and independent artists alike.

56. Design dazzling


Great place to find photography inspiration, web designing resources like CSS frameworks, galleries, code generators and many more.

57. Design juices


Great sum of design related news and roundups.

58. Industrial design served


This is one of the only sites out there set up exclusively to present the best of industrial design from around the world.

59. Design art wall


A very web orientated inspiration blog, full of developer resources and wordpress inspiration. Beside that, this site posts a monthly roundup of the best of the web.

60. Design you trust


Design You Trust is a daily design blog and community, full of new design trends, news  and events, great design portfolios, young design bloods, design articles, photographers, fashion, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, video design and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe.

61. Photography served


This site is part of the Behance network and is one of the best places dedicated exclusively to photography. You can find both amateur and pro work on a daily basis.

62. Fudge graphics


Greatly designed blog created by Luxemburg born artist Franz Jeitz, where he posts freebies such as Photoshop brushes, textures and vectors, as well as illustration roundups and posters.

63. Pattern Head


This young blog is al about patterns. You will find hundreds of freebies including vector and pixel patterns.

64. Junkiee.net


This is a blog that helps web developers, PC users, Mac users, graphic designers and professional photographers find creative inspiration and valuable resources and tutorials.

65. Minimal Exhibit


This site is a gallery that showcases the best websites that feature a minimalist design style.

66. Inspirebit


Here you will find wonderful inspiration for almost every creative artist. great inspiration and articles for web developers and Photoshop enthusiasts.

67. Web expedition18


Great frequent inspirational roundups featuring wallpapers, best of web, posters and more. Good site for fast browsing inspiration.

68. Designboom


Are you an industrial designer looking for the best in your field? Designboom is one of the most renown places to gather inspiration in industrial design and architecture.

69. Folio focus


Here you will find the best collection of portfolio sites from web and graphic designers, photographers, and other professionals that use a portfolio site.

70. Blog design heroes


If you are only interested in looking for blog designs for inspiration, this is the place to go. Here you will only find examples of great blog design from all over the net.

71. Siiimple


Wonderful minimal CSS gallery for your inspiration. Great curatorial value.

Web design and development

Web design is one of the most popular and active segments of the design industry today. And it’s not a wild guess to say that it will be indispensable in the future for any designer to have some kind of web knowledge to be able to compete in an already fierce market. These blogs will give you know how, insight and the latest trends of this exciting industry.

72. Simple Bits


Simple bits focuses on CSS, web usability and simple design. Their articles are usually short in length, with good insight and tidbits about all things web design.

73. graphicPush


This guys are not dedicated with their posts in terms of time, but when they sit down and write, they usually come up with great articles and reviews.

74. Think vitamin


You will find video tutorials, interviews with top web experts, business thoughts and a lot more in Think vitamin, one of the most respected and well designed blogs about web development in the world.

75. Lets count the days


Very young blog where you will find good insight into the industry of web design. Their posts aren’t very frequent, but always informative and quite original. Their topics range from CEO, CSS and jQuery.



The name is pretty clear isn’t it? They are very focused on web development tutorials, also offering inspirational posts and roundups, industry insights and discussion. As they put it, the blog is devoted to design, development, html, xhtml, css and creativity.

77. Web developer +


Web Developer Plus is a Web Development and Design Blog providing tips, tutorials and advice on how to design and develop great web applications. Topics range from PHP/MySQL, AJAX/Javascript/jQuery to Design using HTML/CSS and WordPress Templates and tweaks.

78. Web design blog


Their design might not look as much, but this two year old blog has great posts about thoughts around the web industry, wordpress resources and CSS related topics.

79. Nouveller


Eye catching flashy design for this blog where you can find some interesting web articles (Web Design, CSS and jQuery), plenty of experiments, photographs and some great inspiration.

80. Marco folio


This blog brings you information about web design, blogging tips, programming tutorials and much, much more. One of the hot blog of the moment.

81. Filament group


In this blog you will find short but informative content about CSS, usability, web application development, jQuery scripting and much more.

82. Position absolute


This blog run by Canadian designer Cedric Dugas focuses on font end web application development. His posts revolve around advanced JavaScript, CSS, WordPress and XHTML.

83. Web designer help


Another self explanatory title don’t  you think? This blog doesn’t approach themes like CSS and jQuery in such in-deep fashion as other blogs out there, so it becomes a good starting point for those recently interested in web design. The blog showcases tutorials, opinion posts and inspirational roundups as well.

84. Inspect element


Inspect Element creates content aimed at people of all levels of web experience. Not only is it a starting point for beginners but may also be useful to even experts who may have missed something or are searching for different fresh approaches. One of the most complete and well designed blogs in the field. They are a real joy to read.

85. pv.mgarage


Great place to find coding, Photoshop and web industry content in one place. They also post freebies and roundups.

86. threestyles


Three Styles is a blog aimed at Web Developers/ Designers to bring them the latest trends and tutorials. Topics will range from excellent designs for inspiration, high quality tutorials ranging from Photoshop to jQuery, and occasionally an Apple product or two.

87. Web design Dev


Great place to find Dreamweaver, programming and flash specific content. They focus mainly on tutorials, but have the occasional inspiration roundup post.

88. Webupd8


Comprehensive posts with news, tips and tricks abut web creation, browsing and web business around the Linux user community.

89. Wpengineer


This site was created by three so self proclaimed WordPress Junkies who feature tips, tricks and everything related to WordPress. Their posts are not so frequent, or at last not as frequent as we’d like, but nevertheless, all their articles are full of useful info, featuring interesting plug-in reviews, templates and more.

90. wpdesigner


This is a blog focused on developing WordPress themes and improving your blog’s performance through code and design tweaks. You will find tips, tricks, templates and much more.

91. Theme playground


This is a blog for WordPress users, developers, and bloggers in general, created around theme and Plug-in reviews, community interviews and also turns out to be an excellent place to showcase the best WordPress themes.

92. ThemeShaper


Beautiful blog dedicated to everything related to wordpress themes. Here you will find tutorials, resources, and plenty of information from theme expert Ian Stewart.

93. WebDesignFan


This blog covers a broad spectrum of knowledge in the web designing industry, posting about web design, Photoshop, plus vector freebies and tutorials.

94. WebDesignerWall


Here you will find lots of tutorials (CSS, Photoshop), ideas revolving web design and web trends, and the internet.

95. Line 25


Line25 is a weblog based around the topic of web design, featuring posts about inspiration for web creatives, web design tutorials , roundups and more. This is one of the best blogs in web industry.

96. Spyre Studios


This blog focuses mainly on web creation, posting articles ranging from web typography and inspirational roundups, to CSS and icon creation tutorials.

97. Typesett


TYPESETT is a blog focused in web creatives, although they feature content for other design specialties. You can find articles, unusual inspiration roundups and how to.

98. CSS-tricks


Ehm.. any guess?

99. DevSnippets


DevSnippets serves as public gallery where readers can submit the best code and design snippets, tutorials and latest trends in the design blogosphere. In their own words “Designers often have a lot of code snippets that is used most of the time; usually you can write it from scratch, edit existing ones or just use snippets and examples that other designers were kind enough to share. This is the main idea of this site is about, to server as a code snippet and design elements gallery where you could just find all in one place. The ultimate goal of DevSnippets is to categorize the huge amount of code snippets available on the web into neat and easy to navigate pages.” They also feature inspiration roundups and tutorials aimed at web development.

100. Flyosity


This is an interface design blog featuring tutorials, interviews, techniques and thoughts on building all kinds of software. Topics of discussion include Cocoa, the iPhone & iPad, design across different digital mediums, and the importance of building pixel-perfect user experiences.

101. cats who code


This is a website aimed exclusively to those who create and maintain websites like web developers, web designers, webmasters, and so on. The site features incredible tutorials and articles with a sense of humor.

102. Maxvoltar


Great knowledge vault for any kind of developer, showing tips and tricks for coding, thoughts and many more.

103. Admixweb


Admix Web is a Web Development and Design blog to inspire, improve, and share knowledge of web development, web design, and graphic design. They feature tri-weekly posts, including original tutorials, original articles, intriguing interviews of fellow designers and developers, and round-ups of inspiration work discovered all around the web.

104. Tripware magazine


Tripwire magazine is a weblog that provides useful information, tools, tips and tutorials for both web designers and web developers. Subjects covered range from Fonts, Photoshop, CSS, jQuery, web design, graphics, typography, advertising and SEO.

105. Visual Swirl


Visual Swirl is a community-focused design blog. They create and distribute quality resources, thought provoking articles, breathtaking inspiration and instructional tutorials.

106. Webitect


Webitect is an originally designed resource, tutorial, instruction and inspiration blog for web designers and developers.  You’ll find everything from PHP tutorials to font collections, to articles on how to improve your productivity. The topics vary widely, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all published by designers & developers for designers & developers with an eye towards enjoyment and friendly usefulness that will make your life better.

107. Design Shack


Design Shack showcases inspiring web design, alongside resources and tutorials They state they only offer the cream of great design, filtering through lots of the redesigns that occur every day across the Internet, and cataloguing the greatest projects out there – perfect for getting that spark of creativity going again. Regular articles will teach you new techniques for creating your own designs, and daily community news ensures that you’re up to date with the latest developments elsewhere. Bottom line: great blog.

108. WebResourcesDepot


They feature absolutely everything a web designer need. Besides posting how to’s and tutorials, they have available a huge vault of freebies, from vectors to icons and web templates.


Usability is one of the most hot topics in design right now. Usability is all about the study and creation of ways to make systems interact between themselves. Making something usable means understanding what people expect from your product and thinking of ways to make the use of the product simple and enjoyable. Usability embraces many areas of design from consumer electronics to software. These blogs are the ying and the yang of usability, run by the most renown experts of the field.

109. Boxes and Arrows


Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design; including graphic design, interaction design, information architecture and the design of business. Since 2001, it’s been a peer-written journal promoting contributors who want to provoke thinking, push limits, and teach a few things along the way.

110. Usability Post


The aim of Usability Post is to provide relevant resources, tips and insights into good design in order to help you make great products.

111. UI Trends


UI Trends differentiates itself by focusing on discussion and being dynamic and light-weight. UI Trends doesn’t categorize designs/trends in a formal manner, but rather present designs in a critical context and leverage discussion and opinion to deliver value. Great site for usability resources and references.

112. UX Matters


This site is an interesting forum to find tips, tricks and insight of the future of UX.

112. UI Patterns


UI-Patterns.com is the work of Danish web developer Anders Toxboe, where he seeks to categorize what has before seemed like ad hoc approaches to developing web applications. By not only listing different ways of solving common design problems, but also rationalizing about how, when, and why such solutions should be used, it is the goal to create a tool that will help end feature debates, get a clear understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing, and why we’re not doing what we’re not doing.

113. Welie


This site contains a lot of best practices in Interaction Design. The blog is the result of years  of collected examples and insight. As the author puts it, See it as a reference or basic ‘toolkit’ you can use when designing user experiences.

114. UX Booth


The UX Booth is a blog by and for the user experience community. To us, it’s the best usability blog in the world. Here you will find reviews and articles by the most respected experts of the field, made in an enjoyable, understandable language.

Blogging and Freelancing

It’s not a secret that blogs are the single, most democratic tool the web 2.0 era has left behind. It opened a Pandora’s box with results still to come. These blogs contain the know how necessary to guide you in your net adventure, featuring guidelines, tutorials, forums and more about the “art” of blogging and freelancing.

115. Designer’s who blog


In this site you’ll discover people sharing thoughts, ideas and creativity about their industries. You’ll also find off-the-rack blogs amongst well designed, amazing sites.

116. Skelliewag


Skelliewag is a collection of articles on blogging, entrepreneurship, web content, social media, happiness in work, creativity, learning, expertise and business. The content isn’t frequently updated, but every post is long and well thought.

117. Anamorphosis


Three design fans met at this blog to start anamorphosis, a design blog with a lot of information that goes from the simplest things to the newest and experimental proposals around the design world.

118. The Netsletter


One of the best designed blog sin the field, their content focuses on marketing, advertising and promotion. Great resource.

119. Pro Blog Design


This is a site for the tech knowledgeable type of blogger. Pro Blog Design writes about web design (blog design in particular), coding, and WordPress, covering all the technical bits that bloggers should know, so they can get the most out of their blogs. you can find guides to different coding tricks (e.g. Styling Author Comments Differently), resource posts (e.g. 110+ Free RSS Icons), and discussions on aspects of design (e.g. Should a Sidebar be on the Left or Right?).

120. Site Sketch 101


This site is run by Nicholas Z. Cardot a full-time Infantryman in the United States Army. This site is a good starting point for every newbie taking their beginning stages of web design or blogging. You’ll find here great content and ideal resources to help achieve your blogging goals faster and in a successful way.

121. Graphic design blender


Good place for client advice, business tips, & freelance strategies for web and graphic designers.

122. The Hickensian


The Hickensian is a journal of Jon Hicks, he writes about themes such as web design, programming and Photoshop tips. A very resourceful website when the topic of the discussion is the design.

123. Web log tools collection


This site shows the more technical aspects of blogging, posting content around wordpress hacks, plugins and site administration. Her you will find In deep and clear info, not suited for the casual blogger.

124. WP beginner


This site is a pretty clear guide for every blog beginner. They have short articles with very precise information about hosting, wordpress first time installation, and other basics.

125. Wprecipes


Here you will find content specific to all things WordPress. By the same cool techies behind the blog “Cats who code”.

126. FreelanceShack


This is a blog which covers topics such as Marketing, Inspiration, Pricing, Clients, Skills, Learning and loads more. You should expect easy-to-understand content aimed to increase your productivity.

127. Top Ten Blog Tips


Innovative blog, where the content always revolves around a ten point structure. Excellent resource of quick and dirty information about Networking, advertising, promotion and other blogging related topics.

128. Lorelle on WordPress


Nice blog full of all things wordpress; inspiration, tips and advice. Her posts are usually short and no prior technical knowledge is needed.

129. Freelance Folder


Freelance Folder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers that post productivity tips, motivation advice and much more.

130. Guerilla freelancing


Guerrilla Freelancing is a website dedicated to helping every freelancer providing straight to the point advice and tips.

131. Freelance Switch


This blog covers a vast array of topics about life as a freelancer, from Tax Tips for Freelancers to Determining Your Hourly Rate, Transitioning from Fulltime work to Freelancing to Where to Find Freelance Work and much more.

132. bkmacdaddy


This is  relatively new blog that features honest simple advice for designers and professionals struggling to achieve success in the blogging arena. They feature lots of organization tips, inspiration and more.

All Things design

These are blogs that comprise all aspects of design, with no specific niche in mind. Here you will find blogs that showcase inspiration both for photographers and for Photoshop artists, as well as roundup’s for web designers and flash animators. These blogs are very broad in approach, featuring something for everyone.

133. Design Observer


You will find in this website general articles regarding topics such as design, places, audience and events. An interesting website for all about design.

134. Core77


A design magazine covering a wide range of design topics, from design schools, to photographers and design books. A magazine rich in content and news.

135. Dexigner


A design-based website posting permanent articles regarding themes such as graphic design, fashion, architecture and digital. Simple design with plenty of information.

136. AisleOne


Inspirational website where the center theme is the graphic design focused towards typography, diagramming and minimal designs. The site itself is a sample of minimalistic style.

137. Arbenting


This blog run by Angie Bowen & Rob Bowen features lots of freebies, how-to’s and helpful advice. All of the freebies offered here are available for both commercial & personal use, no attribution required.

138. Design is Kinky


Australian website posting design and art articles since 1998, a non-missing place for those who are looking for some inspiration.

139. Design reviver


Design Reviver provides Web Designers with valuable tutorials, free downloads, sources of inspiration, and articles covering a wide range of web design related topics.

140. You the designer


You’ll find it all here. Freebies, job posts, inspiration galleries and more.

141. Fuel your creativity


This site is the place to turn to when you’re having one of your “I’m-going-to-implode-if-I-don’t-get-an-idea-soon” moments. Don’t lie. You know you have them. Check this blog out when you need some inspiration with some pretty cool articles and even cooler links to various sites that will keep you informed on how other creatives like yourself get things done. There are even interviews with said creatives that give you a glimpse into their world.

142. graphic design blog


This site has tons of resources for every design niche. You’ll logo inspiration, tutorials, web articles, graphic design schools and more.

143. Designm.ag


Designm.ag is a community-based website for web designers and developers. The site includes a popular blog, a user-submitted news section, a design gallery, and a design job board.

144. Function


Tutorials, valuable resources and inspiration dedicated to designers in general and web creatives in particular.

145. Graphic Design Blog


A great design blog, organized and complete. The articles posted can go from illustration samples to web design reviews, a recommendable site.

146. Minervity


Huge resource vault, with plenty of inspiration like CG galleries, best of web roundups and more. You’ll find illustrator tutorials, Photoshop now how, a flash knowledge base and even lightwave articles.

147. Crazy Leaf


Wonderfully designed blog, with one of the most vast amount of inspiration for every type of designer. They post valuable resources and freebies.

148. Design was here


This cool site showcases design trends, articles, tutorials and resources for use in various fields of design.

149. We made this


This website is directed by a small graphic design group based on London, UK. The decided to launch their own design blog when they post the nicest discoveries they made day after day.

150. Gomediazine


This blog is basically filled with lots of helpful tutorials  and advice about business and design.

151. Inspired Magazine


One of the best places to go for inspiration. They have many unusual categories like inspiration for film and a special trend hunting sections. They also post useful high quality freebies and insightful design related articles.

152. Veerle’s Blog


This is one of the bets designed blogs in the world. You will find always gorgeous images, insightful information and great inspiration from this talented Belgian designer.

153. Velvetant net


The VelvetAnt Blog contains useful information about different aspects of the design industry. Their articles give fellow designers and design students useful tips on being and becoming a successful designer. I use this blog as an open forum for designers to come and discuss design as well as a networking tool to meet other talented designers.

154. Just Creative Design


Jacob Cass is on front of this graphic design blog, where besides promoting his works, he occasionally posts great quality articles.

155. Lee Munroe’s Blog


This site is full of Thoughts about general design, freelancing advice, and web designing related information. Not very deep, but easy to read and very enjoyable blog.

156. inspiredology


Lots of freebies, tutorials, articles, inspiration galleries and more covering almost every area of the design industry. They pay special focus to web design and inspiration.

157. Positive space Blog


We are real fans of this blog. The name Positive Space is a reference to the idea of content vs. presentation. The site serves to be a resource for graphic designers, and other design minded individuals rather than being just another pretty blog. The writings on Positive Space are considerably different than other “design” blogs. The topics range from the typical inspirational roundup to functional articles based around running a successful agency and working as a professional graphic designer.

158. Little Box of Ideas


This blog is a real joy to visit. Australian designer Sneh Roy has built a beautiful vault of lovely things, where you can find illustration inspiration, vector know how and tons of freebies.

159. Spoon Graphics


On this site you’ll find design tutorials covering various techniques and effects in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as a look into various other creative topics. There’s also a range of design related articles, links and free giveaways to help you along with your future design projects.

160. Add to design


AddToDesign is a web design blog dedicated to cover topics from WordPress to Tutorials and from Freelancing to Coding. Good consistent content.

161. Blueblots


This fresh blog has easy to follow basic tutorials on wordpress, ewbdesign and Photoshop, and also showcases inspiration galleries, free icons and wallpapers.

163. Colorburned


Colorburned is a design blog featuring some of the best design news, resources, and tutorials from around the web. On this website you will find free vectors, textures, patterns, Illustrator and Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials and interviews with some of the biggest players in the design industry.

164. Creative nerds


This site has great roundups, lots of freebies and easy to follow tutorials.

165. Design Informer


Design Informer is a web design and graphic design blog featuring freelance articles, tutorials, freebies, resources, and inspiration posts.

166. Creative Opera


Creative Opera is a blog for new designers, aspiring designers, and anyone who has a passion for design. This site is aimed to be a haven full of useful information, creative inspiration, career and professional advice, and lively discussion. Their content in its majority is made for newbies in mind.

167. Designora


Designora is a co-writing collaborative of graphic designers, coders, professional writers, photographers, artists, and web connoisseurs. Here you will find lots of tutorials, roundups and freebies.

168. Desizn Tech


Desizn Tech is a website for web designer, developer, techy and everyone else with design interest.  The purpose of Desizn Tech is to share genuine, creative and useful resources.

169. Design your way


Here you will find, tutorials on Photoshop, general drawing techniques, illustrator and flash. Besides that, they post frequently inspiring roundups on everything from motion graphics to branding and advertising.

170. Reencoded


[Re]Encoded is a resource both for active web designers/developers and for people who simply enjoy good design and want to learn more, see more and do more than they already do. This site features Photoshop and web design specific tutorials, inspiration posts and SEO articles.

171. Marked Lines


This is a blog about Web / Design / Blogging  tips & tricks. Here you will find articles like Photoshop tutorials, web roundups  and several blogging tips.

172. Pelfusion


This site is huge and has plenty of sections. They post great tutorials, free fonts, design showcases and web designer tools.

173. Richworks


Simple, straightforward blog where you will find Photoshop and illustrator tutorials, photography information, and a gallery of inspiration dedicated to 3D art. Besides all this, the blog posts great freebies every now and then.

174. The Roxor


This is a blog for everyone that is passionate about Illustrator, Photoshop, websites, logo’s and product packages. This young blog has special sections focused on wordpress and photography, aside of releasing always fantastic freebies.

175. Web design booth


WebDesignBooth  shares resources such as web design, web development, JavaScript, CSS/XHTML, Search Engine Optimization, advertising, wallpapers and Photoshop resources.

176. Bluefaqs


Bluefaqs is a very young blog rapidly rising to the blogosphere stardom. They post cool roundups of fonts and best of the web, plus spotlighting useful tips, tutorials, inspiration and anything related to web design.

177. Cheth Studios


Here you’ll find great roundups of tutorials, inspiration and free resources of everything related to design, from web creation to Cg. They have a special section dedicated to wordpress templates and freebies.

178. Sexidesign


Sexidesign.com is a sinfully sexy site dedicated to exploring the role that sex plays in marketing and design. Whether in the form of PG-rated advertisements, magazine covers, or sexy adult toys, the element of sex remains a prevalent selling point for almost any industry.

179. Media Design Blueprint


Really beautiful blog, with innovative design and fantastic tutorials about Photoshop, web design and more. You’ll also find good freebies now and then. The only drawback of this blog is that they don’t have frequent content.

180. Design Instruct


Design Instruct is a regularly updated web magazine for designers and digital artists where you can find and learn design tips and tricks. They feature high-quality tutorials from some of the top designers and digital artists from around the world, as well as articles that cover a wide array of topics in design.

181. onextrapixel


This site is dedicated to delivering useful, comprehensive and innovative information for designers and web developers. Here you will find information on CSS, WordPress and general design, plus tutorials, and articles for developers.

182. PS Deluxe


This blog focused on Photoshop tutorials and inspiration galleries, but you can also find web designing resources and tutorials as well.

183. Design Blurb


Design Blurb provides web and graphics design tutorials with downloadable PSD files, resources, tips and links. The site is updated at least three times a week, usually more than that. Great site for Illustrator and Photoshop savy designers.

184. Creativity Den


The approach of this blog is very broad in its topics, with posts ranging from in-depth tutorials to informative analysis of current trends. Their content is updated frequently.

185. Echo enduring blog


This is one of our favorite blogs in the list. Their design is ingenious and their content is consistent. The content revolves around general design, Photoshop tricks and tutorials, web developing advice and inspiration.

186. Slodive


Along with tutorials and articles, this blog also posts inspiring round ups on all of the hot topics in the design world including product launches and general design insight.

187. I’m with Sully


This is one of the most cutest blogs in the net. “I’m with Sully” blog is devoted to illustration, Moleskine sketches, painting, conceptualizing, jewelry design, interactive design, and some thought about general design and art.

188. Drawar


Their content is mostly orientated to web designers and developers, posting how to’s, reflections and insight articles. The navigation of the “Drawar” blog is one of the most original of the list.

The Giants

No, I’m not talking about the baseball team. I’m talking about the absolutely humongous, most well respected design related blogs in the world. Each one of these blogs has millions of visitors per day, developing strong communities of exchange and support. Some of these blogs are very broad in approach, others very specific, but what they all have in common is frequent original high quality content.

189. Vandelay Design

Alexa Rank: 6044

Topics: Web design, Software Tutorials, Inspiration.


190. Noupe

Alexa Rank: 2777

Topics. AJAX, CSS, Web design, Software Tutorials


191. Smashing Magazine

Alexa Rank: 682

Topics: Inspiration, CSS, JS, Web Design


192. Hongkiat

Alexa Rank: 2294

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration, Web Design


193. Instantshift

Alexa Rank: 6498

Topics: Inspiration, Web Design, CSS, Software Tutorials


194. Speckyboy

Alexa Rank: 4163

Topics: AJAX, JS, Inspiration, Web Design, CSS, Software Tutorials


195. Web Design Ledger

Alexa Rank: 4550

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration, Web Design


197. Web Designer Depot

Alexa Rank: 4295

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration, Web Design


198. Six revisions

Alexa Rank: 2733

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration, Web Design


199. Abduzeedo

Alexa Rank: 4099

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration


200. 1st Web Designer

Alexa Rank: 2745

Topics: Software Tutorials, Inspiration, Web Design


Anything Missing?

This is one of the most extended and researched posts we’ve done so far, and we would love the community to be part of it and add their own blog suggestions. We will check your candidates and add them gladly.


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    There were a few on here I hadn’t seen and love, thanks for the great summary!

    • Hey Donny, thanks for your comment. Actually there’s no special order in this countdown, we were just noticing the amount of sites that we found. We are glad you liked this post.

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