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New update: Quick tips and useful resources in our main section

Comments and suggestions in here

Hello friends, we hope you’re having a terrific week and that you enjoyed reading our latest article ‘Helpful design elements you should be using & great related freebies’. As you may have noticed, since the past couple of weeks we have been releasing quick reviews and useful resources on the sidebar of the blog, we have seen a big reception from all of you and that’s why we decided to make a couple of changes to this section.

We have incorporated a new modification to our comments section that will help us perform a better management to all your suggestions and reactions, so we can have a closer relation with all of you. This is just the first phase of several changes that we will be taking place to upgrade WebDesignShock and offer a better site for all our fans.

The main change that we want to talk about is regarding the ‘Useful Resources’ section. This category was implemented a couple of weeks ago and it became one of the most visited parts of the page, so we decided to give it a bigger importance than the existing.

Now you will be able to find all our latest tips and resources right in the main body of the blog, making them easier to notice and access, though it’s important to state that you can still find the original section on the sidebar. We hope that these changes can provide you a more comfortable navigation and a better experience in general; because all these adjustments were made thinking of you, a comment will be absolutely helpful to let us know how well are we doing things on the site, thanks for visiting us and enjoy the rest of your day.

8 Responses to “New update: Quick tips and useful resources in our main section”

  1. Angelap
    April 13th

    Although you have said that there’s a new design coming up, I want to thank you for all what you have done already in behalf of the design community, nice work guys!

    • WebDesignShock
      April 13th

      Thank you Angela!!, it’s so inspiring to receive comments like this, stay tuned because there are more changes to come…

  2. Juliandres
    April 13th

    Thanks for notifying, I’ll be coming back to check all the new changes :)

    • WebDesignShock
      April 13th

      Thanks Julian, we predict that this design will blow your mind…

  3. Aldo
    May 2nd

    You’re definitively getting to be a favorite bookmarks source for me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. Pete S.
    May 11th

    Can´t wait for updates on this. Thank you guys

    • WebDesignShock
      May 11th

      Well Peter, the idea is to release a revamped version of the site on the next few months, so keep it here until that moment arrives :)…

  5. RT @WebDesignShock: New update: Quick tips and useful resources in our main section #design #useful

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