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Freebie: Vintage icons

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Hello friends, we have another great freebie for all of you guys ! a nice set of multi-color vintage icons including PSD sources, created by the talented designers behind iconshock (Another member of the shock family network).

Don’t miss the chance to check the impressive stock from iconshock, with more than 300 icon sets for professionals !

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61 Responses to “Freebie: Vintage icons”

  1. Becky
    March 1st

    thanks!!! :)
    its a cool set

  2. Thank you!

  3. Moshen
    March 1st

    tnx dude

  4. Great set of icons as always!

    • We’re always looking to bring to our followers high quality info and resources. Have a good one!

  5. Very 50’s. Thanks!

  6. Chris
    March 1st

    These are truly unique — very nice.

  7. No way these are waaaayyyy too nice to be free.

    Someone better have received a massive payout for these.

  8. Thanks for this great set of vintage icons!

  9. Lisa O'Sullivan
    March 1st

    Thanks guys for another great set of icons. I should be designing my own but sometimes life is just too busy and these come in very handy.

  10. Very beautiful icons sets, i need some new n fresh icons for my projects! thanks for the share here, it will gonna useful!

  11. randline
    March 2nd


  12. Dominic
    March 2nd

    These look nice, I will enooy them. :D

  13. Vanessa
    March 2nd

    CUTE icons.. I love that designs..

  14. Cool icons sets. Very good to see the posting here :)

  15. Tom
    March 5th

    Another nice freebie. Thx!!

  16. Tnx for the nice Icons. May I use them commecially?

  17. Tnx for the icons. May I use them commercially?

    • Yes, you can. however, a link back would be always appreciated ;)

    • These icons will work best on grey and vintage themed site. Thank you so much for them. Now I’m using free, sporting icons for my website. You might find something interesting for themselves.

  18. can these icons be used commericaly?

    • editorial
      April 2nd

      Yes, but you have to give credit to the icon’s creator.

  19. WOW! stunning set!

    • Designer
      January 18th

      Only good designs aorund here :) Seriously, thanks for your encouragement.

  20. great thanks!

  21. #Utile #Graphisme : Vintage icons via @webdesignshock

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  26. Freebie: Vintage icons via @webdesignshock

  27. Freebie: Vintage icons via @webdesignshock

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  32. WOW! Nice work there! RT @WebDesignShock: Freebie: Retro / Vintage icons Please RT by @iconshock

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  34. RT @WebDesignShock: Freebie: Retro / Vintage icons Please RT by @iconshock

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